Tips on Using Our Online Trading Post

For best results when placing your ad, follow these steps:

  • Pick your category carefully. The category should reflect the type of item you're selling .. the category people will go to to look for that type of item. The ad will be posted in one category only.
  • Make sure the title of your ad says what you're selling. Titles like "For Sale" or "Want to Buy" do not give enough information for people to want to find out more.
  • PUT YOUR TITLE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS so it will stand out.
  • Make your title descriptive. Put what you're selling in the title. Don't waste the opportunity to attract your prospects' attention with generic titles like "Wanted" or "For Sale."
  • Put your ad copy in upper and lower case
  • Proofread your ad to make sure it clearly describes what you're selling. The more information you give, the better.
  • Check your title and description for spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors.
  • Enter a valid expiration date, including a month, day and four-digit year. It should not be more than 90 days from the time you place your ad.
  • Kindly delete your ad when you have sold your item. This is a courtesy to other users and will ensure that you don't get inquiries after the fact.

If you have any questions or issues while using our service, e-mail us.